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Beautiful Rogan Art Free Hand Design By Abdul Gafur

Beautiful Rogan Art Free Hand Design By Abdul Gafur

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The first step in creating Rogan art is preparing the Rogan paste, which is the primary medium used in this art form. The paste is made from castor oil, which is a locally abundant resource in Gujarat. The process involves:

Boiling Castor Oil: The castor oil is boiled for several hours until it thickens and becomes viscous. This step requires careful attention as the oil needs to reach the right consistency.

Cooling and Mixing: Once the oil is boiled and cooled, it is mixed with natural pigments to create various colours. These pigments are typically derived from minerals and plants, ensuring that the colours are rich and durable.

The unique aspect of Rogan art is the way the designs are drawn. The artist uses a metal rod or a wooden stick called a "kalam" to apply the paste onto the fabric. 

The process involves:

Drawing with Precision: The artist uses this thread of paste to draw intricate patterns directly onto the fabric. The designs often include motifs such as flowers, birds, trees, and geometric shapes. The artisan works with great precision, creating symmetrical and highly detailed patterns freehand.

A distinctive feature of Rogan art is the mirroring technique used to replicate designs on the fabric. 

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