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Handmade Lippan Art Wall Frame with Kris-cross design

Handmade Lippan Art Wall Frame with Kris-cross design

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At Chamak Craft and Art, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality. This Lippan Art Wall Frame is meticulously crafted, with every curve and line perfected by the hands of skilled artisans. The Kris-Cross design, an intricate fusion of patterns, adds depth and character to your decor.

The Kriss-cross design symbolises the union of opposites, creating a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. Hang this Handmade Lippan Art Wall Frame in your living room, bedroom, or even your workspace to infuse an aura of serenity and elegance into your surroundings.

When you purchase from Chamak you are helping support local artisans in India to change their lives and keep their family skills going. 

Chamak's products are made by our Artist craftsman/woman and are core to our brand.

We represents them and guaranteed paid income to support their life dreams and their responsibilities as families. 

So why not let Chamak elevate your home to a new level of sophistication and artistry





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